In Soltel we are constantly working in the digital transformation and processes improvement for different sectors. In the SmarTom initiative we coordinate a cluster of organizations that are key to build a Comprehensive Management Platform for the Tomato Cultivation.

Supra-autonomic Operative Groups (SOG) EIP-AGRII

The innovation is a key instrument to get a sustainable and competitive agricultural and forest sector within Europe. The Supra-autonomic Operative Groups (SOG) EIP-AGRI are composed of groups of people that work together as a team in an innovation project funded by the Rural Development Plans. They are the main tool of EIP-AGRI to turn innovative ideas into real solutions for the sector.

The Operative Groups bring together partners with complementary skills. The composition of the group may vary depending on the topic and the specific goals of each project. Farmers, advisers, scientists, companies and other related collaborators work together to try and find practical solutions to the specific problems faced by people in the agricultural and forest sector in Europe.

Each group is linked to its innovation project until it is completed. The results of the project are shared with the wider network of EIP-AGRI so that others facing similar challenges in Europe can benefit from them.

Every Operative Group begins identifying an issue or innovative idea that can be tested. The idea must always address a specific problem faced by European farmers or foresters.

SmartTom objective

The main goal of the Project is to optimize the use of agrichemicals and other inputs in the cultivation of tomatoes destined to industry, to improve quality and to ease the comprehensive management of industrial tomatoes growth cycle operating over different critical processes such as health status, watering, fertilising and harvesting based on optimal maturity level. All of this will be managed through a platform that supports decision making in all key processes, to achieve better performance and more sustainable crops.

In particular, SOLTEL provides its experience in the development of interoperable systems, based upon standards, along with the exploitation of knowledge generated the platform developing smart systems to support decision making.